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  • T3 may be installed on any vehicle and can be hidden in many places such as behind a glove box, behind the instrument panel, in a console, under a seat, or under parcel shelf
  • Nationwide cellular coverage is provided by 911TRACKER
  • T3 is secure.  T3 must receive the owner's secret 5-digit PIN to take any action.   Only you can change the PIN.
  • Simplicity - Only four wires connect to vehicle
  • Easily installed by owner, dealership, or local stereo/security installation shops
  • Cellular antenna and GPS antenna are inside the T3 - simplifying installation
  • T3 lets you send a secure text to enable/disable the vehicle starter to prevent the thief from re-starting your car
  • T3 lets you send a secure text to unlock the driver's door
  • T3 cable includes backup battery that automatically powers the T3 if vehicle power is disconnected by a thief
  • T3 can be transferred to another vehicle
  • No police registration of your vehicle is required
  • Provides GPS location and T3 status whenever you send a text message from your mobile phone or smartphone
  • T3 sends text alert to you if an existing vehicle alarm is triggered
  • T3 will send text vehicle alarm alert to the you if your vehicle is driven more than a few blocks - very useful for valet parking or leaving your car at an auto service shop
  • T3 sends text vehicle alarm alert to you if your vehicle is being towed
  • Alert message includes time, date, latitude/longitude, speed, and direction
  • Received message can show location on a Google Map™ on a smartphone with a single tap
  • If you receive a vehicle alarm alert and determine that it is an emergency situation, you call the T3.  T3 makes a 3-way call from your phone to 911 so you discuss your emergency directly with 911-Operator.
  • T3 always calls the 911 closest to your vehicle to optimize vehicle recovery system - even if you are hundreds of miles away from your car
  • When 911 is on the line, either the 911-Operator or you can press the number 3 and T3 will speak the real-time GPS location, speed, and direction for both of you to hear
  • You have the option to authorize phone numbers for two Emergency Contacts. T3 will only answer calls from those authorized numbers and Emergency Contacts can press # to have T3 make a 3-party call to the 911 closest to your vehicle.
  • 911TRACKER Service is less that $10/mo - expensive call centers are not required!


  • Cable-Kit-T provides T3 Cable and T3 Backup Battery that may be installed in your alternate vehicle.  This kit gives you the option to move the T3 Vehicle Security Tracker from your primary vehicle to other vehicles that have this kit whenever you wish.  Note that in this case the T3 must be placed in a location such as a glove box or console, which is accessible by the owner.


  • T3 automatically controls guard status, so you don't have to enable/disable
  • If your vehicle has an existing alarm system, T3 can sense the alarm and send the alarm message
  • If your vehicle does not have an existing alarm system, T3 has a mode that will let the T3 send you an alarm message if your vehicle is towed or driven more than a couple blocks.



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